Printed in the United States of America. Library of Congress Cataloging-in- Publication Data. Witemeyer, Karen. To win her heart / Karen Witemeyer. p. cm. Do They Have a Fighting Chance at Love? After completing his sentence for the unintentional crime that derailed his youthful plans for fame and fortune, Levi. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Do They Have a Fighting Chance at Love? . A Cowboy Unmatched (Ebook Shorts) (The Archer Brothers Book #3).

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Seconds ticked by. He shifted from one foot to the other. An urge to run burgeoned inside his chest until his lungs found it difficult to expand. He blew out what little air was left in them and paced to the rail. Had he been wrong to come? Forcing himself to breathe evenly, he began to count the number of pickets in the fence across the yard.

Levi spun around. Seeing a woman, he yanked his hat from his head. Can I help you? The tiny lady finished wiping her hands on her apron and looked up at him, her eyes widening only slightly as she took in his size. No— talk to David Cranford. Years of avoiding S sounds in his speech had made him adept at finding substitutes, but it still took his brain time to recognize and reject the S words that came to mind automatically.

Grant, of course. Please, come in. A warm smile blossomed across her face as she pulled the door wide. Levi swiveled sideways to edge through the opening without grazing his hostess.

His size came in handy when pounding iron, but it was a hindrance around delicate ladies in delicate houses. She led him to a parlor full of treacherous knickknacks and spindly chairs and left him there with the impossible task of making himself comfortable while she fetched her husband.

Choosing the most substantial piece of furniture in the room, Levi cautiously lowered himself onto the green tapestry sofa, wincing with each creak of the thin oak legs. He slung his knapsack off his shoulder and into his lap, then reached inside for the letter from his chaplain and mentor, Jonathan Willis. Soft footfalls sounded in the hall. Levi shoved the sack aside and lurched to his feet, still clutching the letter.

Welcome to Spencer. A thin man with dark hair graying at the temples strode across the parlor carpet, his hand outstretched. Jonathan wired that you were coming. Levi bent slowly to retake his seat on the sofa while David Cranford settled into an armchair. He opened the letter Levi had given him but barely scanned the contents before folding it back up and slipping it into his coat pocket.

Spencer accepted my recommendation and forwarded the lease papers to our bank. You should be in business by the end of the week. Not a formal one, no. And with spring planting around the corner.

Spencer was anxious to find a blacksmith, and I was happy to recommend you to him. As long as his representative finds no glaring faults in you, things should go smoothly. No glaring faults? Levi nearly laughed aloud. His faults glared brighter than streaks exposed by sunlight on a freshly cleaned window. Did you tell him about.

The preacher shook his head. And I see no reason to enlighten anyone at this point.

It has no direct bearing on your ability to perform your duties. The truth will come out eventually, though, the man cautioned, "and it would be better for it to come from you than somewhere else, but I believe a man has the right to demonstrate his character by his actions instead of being weighed solely by his past mistakes.

He speaks highly of you, Mr.

Thank you. Levi had not expected such generosity. He knew the passage from Romans 8. He even believed it. Yet no matter how hard his brain tried to convince his heart, self-reproach still clung to him like a parasite. Eden Spencer tried to hurry her last patron out, an elderly woman who moved slower than a bug on flypaper. Eden pressed her lips together to keep her irritation at bay as she helped Pearl with her scarf. What if she found the new smith unsuitable?

If the banker jumped the gun with the papers, it would make sending the man on his way vastly more difficult. Thank goodness Emma had stopped by earlier to let her know the smith had arrived. Now, if she could just hurry Pearl along a bit, maybe she could dash across the street to the parsonage in time to prevent any rash action on Mr.

Thank you, dear. My afternoons would be dreadfully dull without something new to read every now and again.

Eden swung her door open, ignoring the chilly breeze that ruffled her skirts. Then she bid the woman a quick farewell and darted back into the house, where she snatched her black cashmere shawl from the hall tree and flung it around her shoulders.

Plunking a bonnet on her head, she let the ribbons flap freely as she loped down the front walk. Loped, not ran. Running would be unseemly.

Eden groaned. The town matrons found it sweet the way he escorted her around town. Eden found it a nuisance. She offered an apologetic wave as she bustled past without slowing her pace.

She had just about reached the churchyard when he lunged in front of her, forcing her to choose between halting and colliding with his person. She opted for the halt. Eden gathered her shawl a bit more tightly about her. I refused your proposal three weeks ago.

Sheriff Pratt clasped the crown of his felt hat and dragged it from his head down to the general vicinity of his heart, or more precisely, the area above his belly paunch. In case you decide to reconsider. He smiled at her and winked, but the gesture seemed void of true affection.

The man might want to marry her, but Eden doubted his reasons had anything to do with tender feelings.

He probably figured tying himself to a Spencer would be good for his career. He was up for reelection, after all. Eden stiffened. Sheriff Pratt. She emphasized the formal address. I appreciate your kind consideration, but my answer remains unchanged. His smile tightened, but apparently the gentleman in him won out.

He extended his hat in a sweeping motion as he stepped aside. And a good evening to you. Eden nodded and moved past. Especially not to one who wore a gun. Having reached the parsonage, Eden thrust aside all thoughts of the sheriff and raised her hand to knock.

Emma Cranford answered swiftly. Soft laughter echoed behind her.

Are you planning to storm the castle, Eden? There was more teasing than chiding in the question. Never mind, she said as she shooed Eden toward the parlor.

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Male voices grew louder as she approached, Mr. You know how women are. I have a town council meeting to attend. And if Mr. Storm the castle, indeed. Bristling, Eden set her shoulders for battle and swept into the room. If Mr. The banker turned hostile eyes on her and opened his mouth, most likely to inform her that his papers were legal with or without her approval, but David Cranford managed to forestall the argument by jumping to his feet and rushing to her side. Miss Spencer!

So good to see you. He wisely positioned himself between her and the banker. May I introduce you to the man who recently applied to be our new blacksmith? Your inspiration for the character My husband loves action movies, and I must admit that I enjoy many of them, as well.

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I love the strong alpha male heroes who inspire instant confidence with their capabilities and demeanor, yet who are also humble and ready to defend those they hold most dear. So when I dreamed up Stone Hammond, I gave him those same qualities and even a touch of the legendary-ness that all the best action heroes possess.

Charlotte Atherton Brief physical description Tall with a willowy figure, dark blonde hair, blue-green eyes, pale complexion. Resembles… I never start with model or actress in mind when I create my characters, so it is challenging to find one that matches my mental image after the fact. The closest I came to finding my Charlotte was with Jessica Biel.

Strengths and weaknesses Charlotte is a gifted musician and a teacher adored by her students. Your inspiration for the character I wanted a heroine who had brokenness in her background. Usually, I give my heroes the most scars, but this time I wanted to switch things up and have a heroine who struggles to commit and trust her feelings.

Eden believes she's finally found a man of honor and integrity. But when the truth about Levi's prodigal past comes to light, can this tarnished hero find a way to win back the librarian's affections? A commendable addition to the genre.

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Gentle humor pervades the story, never mocking, never crude, yet consistently illuminating the conundrums of life To Win Her Heart is charming inspirational fiction that will certainly win the hearts of those who enjoy this genre.

This novel has everything that I love about Christian historical fiction. Karen lives in Abilene, Texas, with her family.Why on earth would he be frustrated with her? Levi spun around. Especially not to one who wore a gun. Eden Spencer has sworn off men, choosing instead to devote her time to the lending library she runs in the town her father founded.

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Leave the other book on my desk. Once Mr. There was an earnestness about him, too, that made her want to trust him.