Hi all, I have some text documents in PDF format and would like to edit it in photoshop CS5, but each time I open them up in photoshop, the. Backgrounds can increase the appearance factor of your PDF document. Add background text or image to an entire document, selected pages. After specifying the name of your file, you should get a Save Adobe PDF window with a set of options. At the top, under Adobe PDF Preset: choose [High Quality.

Photoshop Pdf Background

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You can download free Background PSD files on pngtree. Thousands of new Background photoshop resources are added every day. I am a graphic designer coloring architectural plans. I've always been able to open their pdfs in photoshop and have a transparent background. I have set up Photoshop to be the image editor. However, I don't know anything about using Photoshop and would appreciate clear instructions for how.

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Photoshop CC 2017: Why can you not open a pdf with a transparent background anymore?

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Korean style summer background layered psd 3. Korean style summer background layered psd 1. Flowers background psd layered 6. Korean style summer background layered psd 6. Best used over hair and other soft edges. Brush Tool. Use this over harder edges. Manually draw areas to add or remove from your selection. Zoom in to your image to check the edges of the selection. Just paint in to add to the selection, or hold Alt and paint to remove areas.

Next, switch to the Refine Edge tool to touch up the hair, or any soft edges. Under Edge Detection in the right hand panel check the box marked Smart Radius.

This helps Photoshop make a distinction between soft and hard edges. Also, you can increase the Radius a little.

Place a softish Refine Edge brush on the outer edge of the hair and begin brushing. You should see strands of hair starting to be added to the selection. Smooths the edge of a selection, removing any jagged lines. Good for selections with a clear edge.

Softens the edge of a selection by adding a feather. Hardens the edge of a selection by increasing contrast on the edge pixels. Shift Edge.

Removing a Background from an Image in Photoshop

Moves your entire selection in or out by a specified number of pixels. Tick Decontaminate Colors to remove any color fringe left in your selection. Maybe a way to javascript that setting in the file?

That is if this is what your trying to achieve. Hm, no.

I understand that he want to have a "true" transparancy, not a transparency which is shown as a checkerboard grid and not for Acrobat Reader only. There are other pdf viewers around. In other words.

If its darkgray as it is with Acrobat Reader see above , it should be darkgray. Just transparent. Trevor Dennis 8 years ago. This is reading a bit odd to me.

When you open a PDF in Photoshop you have to place a solid layer behind it, but if you save it as a PDF you'll have a solid background. If you want to save an image element to load into inDesign, Publisher, or creating a web page, then you wouldn't save it as pdf.

You use GIF. I must be misunderstanding the issue.

1.) Open your file in Photoshop

Can you say again what your ultimate aim is here? What your end product is going to be? Acrobat, by default, throws up a white background on any transparency.

It works great for text documents, and such but can be confusing if someone imports an image.

It would help if the OP would reveal what the end goal is. Thanks for the responses.

I've been too busy to look into it today. Will get back on it tomorrow. Trevor Dennis This is reading a bit odd to me. When you open a PDF in Photoshop you have to place a solid layer behind it,. But the background is grey, isn't it? And as Ampersand said: Or when it is embedded for example in a Word document. I don't know if it is possible, nor do I know if it makes sense, but let me ask it in a different way: To the right the PDF preview in Outlook , to the left how my filemanager previews it.

Well, that's how it is. BUT it will appear with a solid background in PS when it is loaded again.

Update a recently edited background image

No way to change this. The checked background is part of the application. No way around that.It would help if the OP would reveal what the end goal is. Now when I open the pdfs it automatically adds a white background, in a sense flattening the pdf, so to add any color I have to basically paint bucket the worlds most detailed coloring book and its making my life a living nightmare.

Harry, if you imagine the bottom left pic in that link was a full screen view of a pdf viewer then that's what I'm after. In other words. That image at the bottom of the pdf is actually a jpeg and cannot itself contain transparency.