THE VILLAGE. ONE. It was the week before my sixteenth birthday when the boy fell out of the door and everything changed. Is that a good start? Miss Keyland. The Power of Five: Oblivion: eBook (ePub). By Anthony Horowitz. The epic fifth and final instalment in the bestselling fantasy series The Power. DOWNLOAD Power of Five Books Collection 5 Books Set by Anthony Horowitz Rise, Necropolis, Oblivion) By Anthony Horowitz [PDF EBOOK EPUB site].

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The Power of Five Series by Anthony Horowitz % Free only from Ebook Necropolis; Oblivion. Raven's Gate. Download for Free -. Epub. Epub⋙: Power of Five Books Collection 5 Books Set by Anthony Horowitz ( Raven's Gate, Evil Star, Night Rise, Necropolis, Oblivion) by Anthony. the power of five oblivion ebook, the power of five oblivion pdf, the power of five oblivion doc, the power of five oblivion epub the power of five oblivion ebook, the .

Raised in foster care, he is sent to Yorkshire on a rehabilitation programme, only to find himself in the midst of sinister goings-on. Matt investigates and uncovers a terrible secret - eight guardians are protecting the world from the Old Ones, beings banished long ago by five children. But devil worshippers want to let the Old Ones back in To enter all you have to do is issue a graphic novel, manga, fantasy or sci-fi novel from our ebook collection and you're automatically in the draw.

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The Power of Five: Raised in foster care, he is sent to Yorkshire on a …read more. Save for Later. It was during this battle that Fabian is revealed as the traitor.

He was an author in Salamanda's employment as Salamanda was his publisher before joining The Nexus. Although he killed Salamanda, the great gate, hidden in the Nazca Desert, unlocked.

However, he manage to wound the King of the Old Ones, Chaos, severely using his powers. But the Old Ones triumphed and walked upon the Earth once again, meaning they could conquer Hong Kong and hurl Matt into a coma, as displayed in Evil Star and Nightrise.

They defeat Matt and leave him to die. However, Richard and Professor Chambers arrive. Matt is about to die, but Pedro returns from hospital and uses his power, faith healing, at the last minute and revives Matt. His past self also appears in Nightrise when Jamie is sent back into the past, at approximately BCE.

This is the same Church and door that Matt walked through in Evil Star, and as only the five Gatekeepers can travel through that door with one companion each , and 24 other doors around the world that take them around the world.

Matt knows that Scarlett is the fifth and final Gatekeeper but so do the Old Ones. However, before this happens and whilst Matt and the others are still in Peru, they are visited by a man named Ramon who claims to have worked for Diego Salamanda before, but knew nothing about him working for the Old Ones. Then zombies attack the house, killing Ramon, attacking the four Gatekeepers, the Professor and Richard and setting the house on fire.

Pedro and Scott go back to Vilcabamba to stay safe. Matt is very disappointed by this news and he, Jamie and Richard have a meeting with The Nexus where Matt finally discovers the Old Ones' plan. Matt realizes that the Old Ones want the Gatekeepers to have the diary, so that they can discover where the doors are around the world, and use the door in St. Meredith's Church to get to Hong Kong, via the door at Tai Shun Temple, so The Old Ones can capture them once they step through the door and torture them, whilst they take over the world.

Lee, a member of the Nexus, reveals he has a friend in Macau who can take them to Hong Kong via boat. They travel to Macau and meet Han Shan-tung, who is the leader of the White Lotus triad, he tells them to meet his son, Lohan, once they arrive in Hong Kong.

Matt is separated from Jamie and Richard when they arrive in Hong Kong, after Nightrise Corporation attack their boat. Matt is forced to walk the streets alone. In the streets is a thick smog that smothers Hong Kong and suffocates its residents, later killing them.

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This is the Old One's plan to turn Hong Kong into a necropolis, a city of the dead. Matt sees people dead or dying on Hong Kong's streets. He even sees some of the creatures that broke out of the Nazca Lines such as a horse with a knife struck through its head like an evil unicorn.

Matt discovers that Paul is worried sick about Scarlett. The next morning The Chairman of Nightrise kills Paul, captures Matt and takes him to where Scarlett is being held hostage: Victoria Prison, as an attempt to humiliate two of the Gatekeepers. The pair meet and exchange stories whilst a heavy storm begins in Hong Kong, but it is no coincidence. Scarlett's power is to control the weather and she has accidentally caused a huge typhoon in Hong Kong, which is growing stronger as her power is enhanced by Matt's presence.

Lohan Shan-tung, Richard, Jamie and two of Lohan's men break Scarlett and Matt out of the prison they are being held captive in. Matt and Scarlett then discover the typhoon which is destroying Hong Kong.

The temple is protected from the typhoon whilst Scarlett is inside. As they reach the door, Scarlett is shot by a Nightrise agent, leading the temple to collapse because Scarlett can't protect it from the typhoon while she's unconscious. The Gatekeepers travel through the door by the storm but are separated and scattered around the world in the process. They also jump 10 years in time, during which The Old Ones along with Nightrise Corporation extend their influence throughout the world and wreak havoc.

Matt is sold as a slave by Lohan and then rescued. After the third time, when Matt is sold to a drug dealer, they decide to travel south. Matt falls asleep and visits the Dreamworld, there he visits the Library and asks the Librarian for his story, to know what will happen in the end.

He is horrified at reading what will happen to him, but he summons the other Gatekeepers by ringing a bell. Matt tells them that he knows what will happen but does not reveal anything else, he tells them to get to a door and travel to Oblivion, Antarctica. The doors are locked but he tells them that they will know when to travel. Matt comes down with a fever and is too ill to use his powers to escape. When Matt is recovering, they initiate their escape when Matt collapses the mine tunnels and breaks the ladders causing mass panic.

Matt and Lohan travel towards the helicopter pad, Lohan decides to desert him and travel away. Matt senses this and comes after him, Lohan changes his mind and they fly to Oblivion. They meet the commander of the World Army, the human army opposing the Old Ones. The commander wants to attackt the Old Ones' palace, but it is all a ruse and the World Army is overrun.

Only Matt holds the Old Ones' minions back. Matt knows that it is a trap because he read his life story in the Dreamworld, and although everyone else convinces him not to go, he says he will meet him.

Richard insists on accompanying him. They meet Scott at Skua Bay and it is a trap, the fly soldiers lined the ice cliffs turning them black and they swarm and turn into soldiers, capturing Matt and Richard. Matt tells Scott that he knew it was a trap, and Scott is bitter and confused but Matt tells him that it was always Scott who would save the world.

Richard is taken up to see him, and is heartbroken, but Matt mouthes something to him and Richard understands. Richard plunges the sacrificial tumi, the 'invisible sword' from the Incas, into Matt's heart, killing him.

Everyone is shocked but at the same time an earthquake seems to happen. Richard fights with the Chairman of Nightrise, who is killed by falling rubble. Richard arrives out of the rubble with Matt's body. Chaos arrives as does, the Matt from the Past, and Flint, Scott from the past, who have been brought forward in time after their future selves both died. Scott sacrificed himself to open the door and died in Jamie's arms.

And kill him when they each impale him with their swords, forming a five pointed star. Although Richard is heartbroken that Matt will leave, even though he is not the same Matt that he knew. Matt and the others leave travelling past Oblivion where the Dreamworld lies, in the frozen wastes. The Dreamworld seems to have healed and turns from shades of grey into colourful being. Matt meets the Librarian again, who has with him a woman, who appears to each of the Gatekeepers differently. For Matt she looks like his mother, on the day she left for a friend's wedding and when she died after their car fell off a bridge into a river.

He alone had the knowledge of the Old Ones and how to defeat them, although the source of this knowledge seems to have from been his life story that he read in the Library. Unlike the other Gatekeepers of that period, Matt was referred to by his modern name, saying "he likes that one better".

Indeed, this is highly likely as Pedro's past life, Inti, was worshiped by the Incas, in Scar's past life, she was Lin Mo, the Chinese goddess of the sea, and in Jamie and Scott's past lives, they were the Iroquois Indian gods, Sapling and Flint. Alternatively, it might also be possible that Matt is in some way connected to Jesus Christ with reference to his position as the leader of all gatekeepers and the prime enemy of the old ones.

In Nightrise, when Jamie is called back in time and fights in the first battle against the Old Ones, he notices that Matt had chosen for his symbol a fish which might have been a reference to the Ichthys, a symbol used by early Christians. In Oblivion, the present Matt sacrifices himself to save the world from the Old Ones. Matt is tortured while tied to a wooden frame with his arms outstretched; his hair is shaved off and his body is mutilated.

He is also given a version of the crown of thorns: barbed wire twisted around his neck. Matt does not have full control over his abilities and it is stated it can only work under massive desperation.

When he uses his powers he sees his kitchen the morning his parents die. However, by the fourth book, Necropolis, he has learned to use his abilities on command as he has met three of the other Gatekeepers. This is how he climbed the sword ladder in Necropolis. He can manipulate almost any object with his mind and was able to create energy blasts while fighting the Old Ones in Peru. This means that what he sees can be changed by doing something to prevent it.

His past self is a highly advanced warrior and leader, commanding absolute loyalty from his followers. According to fellow past Gatekeeper, Scar, "there's not a single man alive who wouldn't give his life for Matt.

Towards the end of the final book, his telekenetic powers have grown to such an extent that he is almost singlehandedly able to hold his own against all thirteen of the fire riders. At one point Matt is able to crack and push apart an Antarctic ice shelf to create a chasm " He used to live in the Peruvian highlands, near the river Chillon, until it burst its banks and drowned his whole village.

Just like Matt, Pedro blames himself for having survived while his family died. Pedro travelled to Lima with several flood survivors but ended up living in a shanty town and became a beggar and a thief. Pedro recognised Matt as one of the Five as he recognises him from their dreamworld, a place between the past and future where the five receive messages, symbols and can communicate with each other, no matter their languages.

Pedro saves Matt from being beaten up by corrupt policemen and assists him in finding the second Gate at Nazca.

Pedro can only speak Spanish and Matt only knows English, but in their shared dream world they speak the same language and can communicate without difficulty. He later learns basic English. He is able to survive and escape imprisonment from the Old Ones by using the skills and knowledge he had gained from his life in Lima. After he is reunited with the other Five Gatekeepers and they defeat the Old Ones, Pedro enters the restored dream world with the other Five.

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Pedro's previous incarnation was known as Inti. This hints that Pedro's past incarnation was the Inca sun god, father of Manco Capac. His power is that of healing via Radiesthesia , and Astral projection.

Jamie and Scott are orphans who, after several failed fostering attempts, ended up with an abusive guardian known as 'Uncle Don' where they were forced to work as part of a magic act in Reno, Nevada , USA.

After a performance Scott is kidnapped and both physically and mentally tortured by the sinister Nightrise Corporation at a privately owned juvenile prison called Silent Creek, in the outskirts of Nevada.

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Jamie is rescued by a woman of the name Alicia McGuire, who is on a quest to find her long lost son Daniel McGuire, and suspects that Nightrise had kidnapped him and many other children with paranormal abilities Daniel has a Precognition ability. With the help of John Trelawney, a senator going for president of the USA, Jamie creates a plan to free Scott by going to Silent Creek, a place of which Nightrise was keeping Scott which Jamie found out after seeing into the mind of a Nightrise worker.

Jamie almost doesn't escape but is saved by an Incan tribe. He is too late to rescue Scott and is injured while escaping from the prison, however, he does manage to find Daniel McGuire. While he is injured and close to death Jamie is transported to the past, during the war against the Old Ones ten thousand years ago.

He learns that he and Scott are Gatekeepers, and that he has replaced his previous incarnation Sapling, who had been killed.

Jamie arrives in time to stop Scott, who had been brainwashed into killing Senator Trelawney, in order for Nightrise's candidate, Charles Baker, to win the election. The two of them escape through a doorway in a cave in Lake Tahoe where they were found when they were born, and arrive in Cuzco, Peru where they meet Matt and Pedro.

The Power of Five: Oblivion: eBook (ePub)

However, Scott is still mentally damaged due to his torture and despite Pedro's healing abilities he becomes unbalanced after being separated from Jamie. When all of the Gatekeepers are scattered, Scott ends up captured with Pedro in Italy and Jamie appears alone in England. As the others work to reunite in Antarctica , the Old Ones take advantage of Scott's mental state and convince him to betray the others until Matt sacrifices himself, allowing Scott to realise the error of his ways.

To make amends Scott sacrifices himself to bring the other Gatekeepers together, after which he dies and is replaced by his previous incarnation, Flint, allowing Jamie and the other Gatekeepers to defeat the Old Ones.

Jamie and Flint then enter the restored dream world with the other Gatekeepers. Their previous incarnations are Sapling Jamie and Flint Scott.It was during this battle that Fabian is revealed as the traitor. But the Old Ones triumphed and walked upon the Earth once again, meaning they could conquer Hong Kong and hurl Matt into a coma, as displayed in Evil Star and Nightrise. When Jamie comes to stay at Rita and John's house, it appears that George is jealous of him and the attention.

Matt attempts to explain but Cole does not believe him and leaves him on his own. Jamie travels back in time and witnesses the strength of the Old Ones which are creatures from since the dawn of time, and sole perpose is to bring misery to Humanity , and the end of the book finishes off perfectly. According to Nightrise employee Susan Mortlake, Baker is sympathetic to their aims. Their car is ambushed by some mysterious attackers who kidnap Richard Cole but Matt escapes.

Richard insists on accompanying him.