Young Samurai: The Way of the Warrior has been awarded the. Great Britain Sasakawa Award in association with. the Society Of Authors' Foundation. Read "Way of the Warrior, The (Young Samurai, Book 1)" by Chris Bradford available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. Debut author Bradford comes out swinging in this fast-paced adventure set in medieval Japan, the.

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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. Debut author Bradford comes out site Store · site eBooks · Children's eBooks. eBook Editions . The Way of the Warrior (Young Samurai, Book 1). Imprint: Puffin Young Samurai: The Way of Fire (short story). Young Samurai has 12 entries in the series. Young Samurai (Series). Chris Bradford Author (). cover image of Young Samurai: the Way of the Sword.

This incident also caused him to foster a hatred for monks, which drove him to join Botan's gang upon hearing of a spy Jack dressed as a monk in the vicinity after he desperately needed work. What he didn't expect was that Botan would backstab him by drugging his sake and wiping his memory of their plan to trap Jack for most of the book, he eventually becomes Jack's true friend. Hana — a highly skilled thief and also a hinin outcast that Ronin and Jack meet on their journey.

Jack would eventually entrust her with his inro to warn Akiko that Kazuki was targeting her to kill as well. She was last seen departing for Toba, where Akiko and family reside. In the Ring of Fire, it was revealed that she got lost in the Iga mountains and chanced upon Shonin's ninja clan.

After some explanation as to how she knew Jack, Hanzo was tasked to guide her to Toba.

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She is described to be young, most likely between the ages of ten and fourteen. Riddling Monk — a devious-looking character who was in possession of Jack's rutter. Has a huge following of disciples. He did encounter a drunk Ronin at some point, and took the rutter away from him. Ronin failed to get back the book since he answered the Monk's riddle incorrectly. Jack and Hana would get the rutter back by answering his 3 riddles late in the book, which is in a ruined temple on a stormy mountaintop.

Matagoro Araki — Headmaster at the Yagyu Ryu whoms't is in possession of Jack's daisho, and challenged him to a duel which Jack won. Botan — skilled and ruthless samurai, leader of the group that assaulted Jack and robbed him of his possessions. He hired Ronin as part of his plan, but drugged his sake as well as a cover. Killed by Ronin after he tries to kill Jack and Hana. Challenged Jack to a game of Go, or Japanese Chess. His flag is black and white checks, as is the rest of his palace and his clothes.

The Ring of Fire[ edit ] Winter After a snowstorm forces him to take shelter, Jack comes across a village in need of protection from raiding mountain bandits.

Torn between moving on or helping, Jack is persuaded to stay and fight their cause. Jack is the only samurai to do so. He must enlist other warriors to the village's aid before the bandits return to steal their harvest. No easy task when the reward is so little and he is a foreigner. Yuudai — able-bodied and immensely strong samurai who wields a nodachi.

Shows deep feelings for Neko. Miyuki — the young kunoichi female ninja from the earlier Ring of Earth and is one of Jack's group of defenders of Tamagshi village. She develops a friendship with Neko and admires her bravery. Saburo — Jack's friend from the Niten Ichi Ryu school of the first three books.

Neko — an orphaned girl who is both deaf and mute.

She cooks for Jack's squad and the farmers, and also learns some ninja skills from Miyuki. Shows deep affection for Yuudai.

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Junichi — head of the Tamagashi village Jack resides in. He has his Mother living with him. Yoshi — elder of Tamagashi village. Toge — one of the village leaders, and highly distrusts Jack, doubting his abilities as a samurai. E Sora — one of the elderly farmers. Akuma — main antagonist in the story. Nicknamed "Black Moon", He is an utterly heartless warrior who plunders the villagers' rice for his own every year at full moon, leaving them with almost nothing to eat.

He is killed by those whom he ruthlessly oppressed in the end. Nakamura "Scarface" — Not to be confused with Sensei Nakamura, Nakamura is one of Akuma's most skilled henchmen, wielding an axe with fierce abandon.

He tries to take down Jack with him knowing that he is dying, but fails and drowns. Sayomi — female bandit who serves Akuma.

Wields a naginata. Her hair was ripped from her head with her scalp. Kurochi — nicknamed "The Snake" he is highly proficient with using the musket to shoot targets from long range.

Thanks to Neko's efforts, he dies in an explosion after falling from a watchtower. The Ring of Wind[ edit ] Spring, But with ferocious storms, man-eating sharks and ninja pirates at every turn, their chosen route is fraught with danger. A treacherous crew only adds to their problems as they flee south from a ruthless samurai sea lord.

Leader of the Wind Demons a pirate organisation , and sees Jack as a valuable asset. Shows exceptional skill with the naginata. She is very ruthless and cruel. Saru — Tatsumaki's pet monkey. Shows apparent affection towards Jack, but she steals Akiko's Pearl from him and becomes extremely possessive of it. Skullface — part of Kurogumo's crew.

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He detests Jack, believing him to be the root of their misfortunes. Tiger — part of Kurogumo's crew. Preview Your Review.

Thank you. Your review has been submitted and will appear here shortly. I love the fast action and plot twists that the author puts in. Date published: I was riveted to my seat. I could not put the book down until I had finished it in its entirety.

Wow, it is an amazing piece of literature and art. It truly captured the essence of what it would be like to be a year-old in Feudal Japan. I like the short chapters, only 5 to 9 pages, ideal for a classroom setting of year olds during silent reading.

The winds are fierce.

The loose some crew to the depths of the great white beast but shipwreck off the coast of Japan. Just when the ship is seaworthy Jacks father and crew are slaughtered by ninja pirates. Jack is unconscious from the explosion so does not know that he has been rescued by the legendary sword master Masaniti Takeshi.

He adopts Jack as his son, to replace his son that died a year before, the exact day Jack arrived. Jack is lonely for home. His mother dead from pneumonia, his father dead from the Ninja attack, he has only a baby sister left behind in England. He wants to go home. Akiko reminds him that Japan can be his home too.

He is accept into their family and soon goes off to Niten Ichi Ryu school of martial arts. They train in meditation, hand to hand combat, the sword and the bow.

They discover they are equals in bokkon. Later Jack tries to help him but too proud he plunges to his near death, Jack must dive in and save him. Eventually they realize they truly are friends. They give the sword to Masomoto and his son asks for forgiveness and is forgiven and returned to the family.

Quotes I enjoyed: Death is not the biggest fear you should have.

Your biggest fear is taking the risk to be truly alive. It is about how you live, even in death. I know not how to defeat others, I only know how to win over myself; he whispered. The real and most dangerous opponents we face in life are fear, anger, confusion, doubt, and despair.

If we overcome those enemies that attack us from within, we ca attain a true victory of any attack from without. Conquer your inner fears and you can conquer the world. That is your lesson for today. Sensei Yamada p. Regard your hands and feet as weapons against them.

Your first year of taijutsu will be devoted to basic techniques. Master the basics, they are all that matter. Get your stances right, make your moves precise. Then you can fight. Fancy techniques are for travelling fairs and impressing the ladies.

The basics are for battle. Sensei Kyuzo p. It is unwritten and unsaid. It is our way of life. Bushido is only known through action.Matt Myklusch. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Way Of The Warrior, The

You can learn more about Chris Bradford and his books at www. Tiger — part of Kurogumo's crew. The Tournament at Gorlan. Young Samurai: Aspires to become a great pirate like Tatsumaki.

The Lost Stories. His father and the entire crew have been slaughtered by ninja pirates.