Martin Bohatschek, 8c. CRY FREEDOM. Author: John Briley. CHARACTERS. Donald Woods is one of the most important persons in the story. He is married to . CRY FREEDOM by John Briley. AUTHOR. The author of the book ist John Briley. He is an American journalist and writer. At present he lives in Spain. CONTENT. Cry Freedom. – a novel by John Briley. – 5 –. Education of a Liberal. 3. Later that morning Donald Woods and Steve Biko drove out to Zanempilo, where Biko.

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Cry freedom: a novel. by: Briley, John, ; Attenborough, Richard urn:acs6: cryfreedomnovel00bril:pdfda-4a8b-ba English Department Lecturers Name: Ms. Ping Songsouzana (PSS) Cry Freedom By John Briley Chapter 3, 4 & 5: Education of a liberal. I. Speaker Identification. OxFORD uNIVERSITY PRESS PHOTOCOPIABLE. Cry Freedom. John Briley. 1 Choose the correct answer to these questions. There is only one correct answer.

This is what Steve Biko did not want it to happen. He wanted to use this clinic as the approval of what black people could also do successfully without gaining help from the whites.

Woods belief about South Africa was to have the organization where the black people and the white people are working together. Woods perception of Bikos belief was a misunderstanding that Biko discriminated the whites since he refused to work with the whites. Bikos achievement in creating his Black Consciousness was about the Clinic. If they got caught, things would be treated differently between them.

If Biko got caught, he would be sent to jail. If Woods got caught, he would just need to write a letter of explanation explaining the board why he went there.

If they do follow well, they will be allowed to be put in a nice place.

The reason why Biko and his friends did not approve of the aims of white liberals was because the black people did not want the white people to shape the way they lived or to tell them how to behave or what to do in that society in order to live peacefully or legally in their country.

What Tenjy believed black society could teach other societies is To teach people how to live together Page 2 of 7 III.

Quotation Explanation Explain the following quotes. This is it.

Biko replied. A clinic for black people, with black workers, and a black doctor. Page 10 This is it refers to the clinic which is the achievement of Steve Biko and the black people. It was said Steve Biko. To Donald Woods When they took a trip to Zanempilo to see the clinic The purpose of this quote is to proudly present the clinic which is the achievement of the black people to Donald Woods.

From this quote, we can infer that this clinic is approved as the evidence to show that the black people also have capability or ability to achieve success without receiving any help from the white people. You see, we know how you live. We cook your food, clear your rubbish, cut your grass, he said quietly.

Would you like to see how we live?

Referat: Cry Freedom by John Briley

Page 12 It was said by Steve Biko. To Donald Woods When The purpose of this quote is to mention and invite Donald Woods to see that the black people know exactly how the white people live because the black people serve the white people since they are unaware of the way black people live at that time.

From this quote, we can infer that the lack of knowledge of how much the other people or the other group of people are suffering might also prevent you from understanding what a liberal should do. So the better understanding of how black people live might influence or change the way Donald Woods thinks of how a liberal should act in that society.

Biko smiled. The education of a white liberal? It is a duty.

It was said by Steve Biko. To Dr. In , Biko was one of the founders of the Black People's Convention working on social upliftment projects around Durban. These situations resulted in his being banned in Following a violation of his banning, Biko was arrested and later killed while in police custody.

The circumstances leading to Biko's death caused worldwide anger, as he became a martyr and symbol of black resistance. Attenborough was later criticised for filming in Zimbabwe while the Gukurahundi genocide was underway.

In his autobiography, Entirely Up to You, Darling, Attenborough wrote that he didn't know about the repression taking place, but castigated President Robert Mugabe for seizing white-owned farms after Indiscriminate firing by police killed and injured hundreds of African schoolchildren during a protest march.

Not without any reference to the white man.

Cry Freedom

To try to build up a sense of our own humanity - our legitimate place in the world. You can beat or jail me or even kill me, but I am not going to be what you want me to be!

Judge: Why do you people call yourselves black? You look more brown than black. Steve Biko: Why do you call yourselves white?

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You look more pink than white. State Prosecutor: But your own words demand for direct confrontation! Steve Biko: That's right, we demand confrontation. State Prosecutor: Isn't that a demand for violence? Steve Biko: Well, you and I are now in confrontation, but I see no violence.

Donald Woods: Do you know anyone we can trust, who has a car? Tenjy: I trust me! And I have a car!

The Boers will shit themselves!In his autobiography, Entirely Up to You, Darling, Attenborough wrote that he didn't know about the repression taking place, but castigated President Robert Mugabe for seizing white-owned farms after Mapetla declared bitterly. Maseru: Man who was waiting for the plane to fly.

To Dr. But if you do survive in a township and you get the education the white man gives you, then you go to work in their city you see their houses, their street, and their cars. Biko brought Woods to Zanempilo legally. But he defends himself and they throw him out of the office.