An Imperial Affliction book. Read 85 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. 6 short pages of An Imperial Affliction, the book read by Ha. Readers' questions about An Imperial Affliction. I would like to know if John Green has decided to let an author write the book or not; or even if himself has. John Green was once a little evasive when it comes to the question of whether or not An Imperial Affliction, by Peter Van Houten — the book.

Imperial Affliction Book

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An Imperial Affliction, also referred to as AIA for short, is Hazel's favorite book, written by Peter Van Houten. She is said to have read it numerous times. It is first . No. It's a made up book According to John > An Imperial Affliction is not a real book, and Peter Van Houten is not a real person. However, An. A/N ~~ There will be the use of one direct quote from TFIOS for AIA. Details in this story were inspired by the book. I do not claim ownership of them. All credits go.

In that way Van Houten serves both as a proxy and a foil for Green's persona.

I mean: 1. Happily, I am not an alcoholic. Sadly, I do not have an assistant, let alone a beautiful Dutch assistant. I am not particularly reclusive.

Imperial Affliction: Eighteenth-Century British Poets and Their Twentieth-Century Lives

I hope that I do not use pomposity and pretension to shield myself from trauma. Most of the bad things that have happened to Peter Van Houten have not happened to me. One of Green's professed favorite books, T he Great Gatsby , also includes a fabricated epitaph. That one read:. Both serve the purported purpose of an epigraph — to establish a book's themes at the get-go — and both are credited to fictional authors.

Green, it could be argued, took his to the next level: Peter Van Houten is a crucial character in The Fault In Our Stars , and "his" words don't just kick off the book then disappear — both his thematic and his physical presence is felt throughout the entire story. He plays a huge role in one of the book's themes, and one that often gets overshadowed by its larger dealings with death and romantic love: The love one has with a story — or with the author who created that story.

In that way Van Houten serves both as a proxy and a foil for Green's persona.

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An Imperial Affliction is a book-within-a-book; you can't go out and download it, though you can gaze upon the beautiful book covers fans have designed for it.

My name is Anna. I'm sixteen years old and I have cancer. But, don't worry about me. I'm perfectly fine. The people you should be worried about include my tulip obsessed mother, her mysterious lover, The Dutch Tulip Man, and my delusional hamster who thinks that running on that little wheel of his will actually get him somewhere.

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Welcome to my life. View 1 comment. Jul 09, Roshni Ajmal rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is something really coooll!!! Gotta love John green.

Jan 07, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: A fake book that came true. John Green has done it again! It's definitely intriguing and powerful despite its short length, and really worth reading.

Dec 25, Lola rated it really liked it Shelves: To begin, a quick shout out to all my fellow Nerdfighters for an amazing Project for Awesome. It was my first time participating, and it was incredible and awe-inspiring.

Whether I stayed up until three in the morning with Hank and Olga what an amazing juggler! I lost a paper I worked on all Friday and I had to study for finals, but To begin, a quick shout out to all my fellow Nerdfighters for an amazing Project for Awesome.

I lost a paper I worked on all Friday and I had to study for finals, but I was still smiling because there was juggling and decreasing world suck and amazing perks going on.

Thank you, Nerdfighteria, for never ceasing to amaze me with your awesome.

It wasn't actually that long, which made me sad, but I still thought it was good. In just a few pages, John managed to create the idea of this novel that Hazel and Gus have been building up for us for almost three years. What would An Imperial Affliction be like, we asked. Turns out it is sort of like a John Green novel.

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It makes sense to me in a way that has nothing to do with the fact that John Green wrote it. Peter van Houten is not John, we know that much, but John has said that Peter van Houten is what he could be without his family and friends, without people who love him. John and Peter van Houten share many of the same ideas about storytelling, the importance of those stories, and the author's and readers' roles in them.

We have been given just enough of An Imperial Affliction to be able to imagine its greatness to Hazel and Gus. It is the novel that they emotionally connect to, the novel they will always love even if it is not considered great literature.

In the real world, there are a handful of books that make us feel that way. Well done, John, and best wishes! Mar 05, Scoob rated it it was amazing.

It was so amazing, I am going to read this book over and over again it was that good. View 2 comments. Mar 15, Karina rated it it was amazing.

Idk how to read it! Help, please?

An Imperial Affliction

View all 45 comments. Dec 19, Toby Finke rated it really liked it. No one seems to have researched it, so You can't find it anymore, but I still have the link: This is it.

There is no full book, this is all that was written, you can't download it anywhere else. Jan 04, Clare Holman-Hobbs rated it really liked it Shelves: I forgot that I had this from last years P4A and I wanted more than six pages. I don't know if I would want John to write this as a full blown novel, because let's be honest, I don't think I could read another book like TFioS without becoming a crying mess, but I definitely would like more! Jun 30, Anderson rated it really liked it.

Really good. I wish the full book existed. Mar 14, Samer Bou Karroum rated it did not like it Shelves: A fake book written by a fake author but mentioned in The Fault in Our Stars and thus became well known.

I saw a 6 pages pdf of it - It is nice in the context of the story The Fault in Our Stars , but not alone. Feb 11, Aza Emerson rated it it was amazing. I love it when things an author makes up, be it books, websites, or objects, becomes a real thing! Apr 03, Kj marked it as to-read.A 6-page excerpt was written for the shots in the movie and released in I lost a paper I worked on all Friday and I had to study for finals, but To begin, a quick shout out to all my fellow Nerdfighters for an amazing Project for Awesome.

Feb 11, Aza Emerson rated it it was amazing. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Companions Also by John Green: I wish the full book existed. Pertaining to Green's writing throughout the book, E.