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Talking about engagement, I must have been found day and night sticking to The Eleventh Commandment much to the annoyance of my family members and peers. Other than that, what a read! Though it kept me anticipating a happy ending, I would have definitely been shocked at the moments, I was e Although my exams were a couple of days ahead, I couldn't stop reading this engaging book. Though it kept me anticipating a happy ending, I would have definitely been shocked at the moments, I was expected to be so had I not read the last line.

What a book! I've hardly any words to describe how involved I was in Conner's life, how much sorrow and horror I carried in my heart throughout the read at the dark human mentality and respect and appreciation at the goodness of it.

This was my first Jeffrey Archer book and now I believe he's earned his love of fans. Accurately, it has been described as "a rollercoaster of a book" and that Archer "scoops his readers up in the first paragraph, and doesn't let them go until the last.

The pace, the ingenuity, the twists, intertwined with a moving love story, show Britain's bestselling author at the peak of his page-turning powers. I thought it was a new issue but when I received it I learned that it had been published in CIA assassin. Days before his retirement from the Company, Fitzgerald comes face to face with an enemy who, for the first time, even he cannot handle--his own boss, Helen Dexter, Director of the CIA.

Thou Shalt Not Be Caught. But Dexter's stranglehold on the agency is threatened by a power greater than her own, and her only hope is to destroy Fitzgerald. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, a new threat to national security is emerging: It's up to the intrepid Fitzgerald to pull off his most daring mission yet--save the world. I'm so soryy. You can visit the link below: But as the saying goes: all that glitters is not gold. The selves we disclose to the public do not always tarry with the selves that we really are.

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Our true character is shown when we are alone and no one is looking. That appears to be the true me. But is there any time when no one is looking? Hence as Christians there is no time we are truly ourselves, for we cannot hide from the One for whom darkness is as clear as noonday.

However, in the above story, the fact that a well respected clergyman was involved and the incident became divulged during a public gathering of about thirteen churches made all the difference. From every indication that appeared not to be the first time the pastor had stolen from the farm.

But, that was the very first time He was caught.

Nowadays, being caught seems to constitute a sin or crime of its own category, attracting graver criticism than the misdeed itself.

The churches were in total disarray, confusion, shock and utter disbelief; and the community too. The convention came to an abrupt end. A terrible gloom descended on the neighbourhood similar to an atmosphere after a funeral of a youngster. The eleventh commandment had been broken: Thou shall not be caught.

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You can steal, kill, kidnap, commit fornication, adultery and abortion; you can embezzle and be involved in witchcraft activities but all appears so normal if you have not been identified with your misdeeds. The commission of a crime is bad enough, but being caught seems worse and unpardonable. It is a guide to righteous living, expounding and extolling moral rectitude while abhorring moral turpitude.

The Ten Commandments cover the entire spectrum of Christian relationship — between man and himself, man and his fellow humans and between man and his God.

Unfortunately, life in contemporary society seems to have approved the promulgation of an additional commandment, the eleventh. The eleventh commandment is very simple, though it has altered enormously the age-old laws of Christian living.

It is on the eleventh commandment that is anchored the Ethics of covert behaviour or undiscovered self, the morality of mere externality. We want people to see us and evaluate us different from who we actually are and our actions for what they unfold about us. This is the backdrop of hypocrisy or pretext whose critical ethical evaluation is the preoccupation of this paper. Alternatively, the word is an amalgam of the Greek prefix hypo-, meaning "under", and the verb krinein, meaning "to sift or decide".

Thus the original meaning implied a deficiency in the ability to sift or decide. This deficiency, as it pertains to one's own beliefs and feelings, informs the word's contemporary meaning.

From the above etymological definition, one thing comes out very clearly about the term. Hypocrisy is far from the authentic, the real, the genuine or the virtuous. Rather it involves stage-managing, play-acting, impersonating, pretending and above all falsification and deficiency.

Players of such roles were considered inapt for public offices especially in politics. For example in Athens in the 4th century BC the great orator Demosthenes ridiculed his rival Aeschines, who had been a successful actor before becoming involved in politics, as a hypocrite whose skill at impersonating characters on stage made him an untrustworthy politician.

This negative view of the hypokrites, perhaps combined with the Roman disdain for actors, later shaded into the originally neutral hypokrisis. It is this later sense of hypokrisis as "play-acting", i.

Hypocrisy is an ethical con-game similar to the religious con-game warned against by Karl Marx.

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Hypocrisy often involves the deception of others and thus can be considered a kind of lie. It is simply failing to practice those virtues that one preaches. These patterns eventually become so self-deceptive that we forfeit all sense of identity and integrity. Powell equally makes this all-important point concerning the origin of hypocritical tendencies in us when he notes that in reality none of us wants to be a fraud or to live a lie; none of us wants to be a sham, a phony, but the fears that we experience and the risks that honest self communication would involve seem so intense to us that seeking refuge in our roles, masks, and games becomes an almost natural reflex action.

After a while, it may even be quite difficult for us to distinguish between what we really are, at any given www. The implication is that somewhere, inside of you and inside of me, lurk our real selves…. There are moments when this real self of mine shines out of me, and there are other moments when I feel compelled to camouflage my real self.

Powell Are we then all Hypocrites? We are all persons or personalities. In the latest sense it meant the masquerader producing sound from behind his mask. And as I have noted elsewhere: Personality, according to this dispensation would be the person as he shows himself to be, not as he really is. Thus we go about parading other selves which are far from our real selves Umoh We all try to dance to the tune of the society in which we find ourselves by concealing a part of our true identity and covering up some of our actions considered defective.

And Powell is right in arguing that: It is doubtful that there is anyone who does not play these or other games. He would lose his personal identity in the process. This is confirmed by the following statement of Fagothey namely that the natural law gives man a right to his own personal dignity and independence, to freedom from meddling and prying into his private affairs.

To preserve this right the concealment of the truth is often necessary. This makes the reality behind the mask a very ambiguous one, a very complicated one, a very elusive one and the activities going on behind the mask incomprehensible. Hence the entity behind the mask is very difficult to grasp, to understand, to predict, to categorize. It is slippery. They do not tell the whole story about us.

They do not and cannot portray everything of us. We would rather defend our dishonesty on the grounds that it might hurt others; and, having rationalized our phoniness into nobility, we settle for superficial relationships. It is a well established principle in ethics that morality is not legality. That means that what the www.This is because people are ashamed of being discovered HIV positive, so they refuse to undergo the test. These patterns eventually become so self-deceptive that we forfeit all sense of identity and integrity.

I will be an empty shell of no importance. But Dexter's stranglehold on the agency is threatened by a power greater than her own, and her only hope is to destroy Fitzgerald. The little mother was looking to me and screaming, "Padre, Padre!

I see the light now go to a man who has gall bladder trouble.

Jesus said, "I came from God, and I go back to God," and I believe when He returned back to God He returned in the form of this light, the same form in which He appeared to Moses and to the other prophets throughout the Bible.